Artists Various – Cafu00e9 Arabia

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CD – Artist: Artists Various –
Title: Cafu00e9 Arabia – Year: 2017 – Label: Notnow – Genre: World/Etno
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Cd 1
Flaming Swords – The Middle East Ensemble
Ahdetli Warda – The Toraia Orchestra Of Algiers
Ya Jar – The Derbecki Ensemble
A Smile Please – Rinda
Harem Dance – The Middle East Ensemble
If Only We Had Not Heard You – Saoud Hashem
Hela Hope (Be Careful Of Love) – Mohammed El-Ba
Bir Ish Tamal Haavash – The Toraia Orchestra Of
Greek Dance – The Middle East Ensemble
Bedouin Coffee – The Lrc Orchestra With Towfiq
El Hora El Hawara (The Circle Dance) – Mohammed
Laure’S Love – Feirouz
Ah Ya Zeen – The Derbecki Ensemble
Oriental Bazaar – The Middle East Ensemble
Chataaraban – The Toraia Orchestra Of Algiers
Eternal River – The Derbecki Ensemble
The Cavalier I Love – Rinda
Nar Houbi Techaal – The Toraia Orchestra Of Alg
Sultan’S Dream – The Middle East Ensemble
Derbeck – Mohammad Salman
Cd 2
Derbecki – Halfi
Ataba – The Derbecki Ensemble
Uotaaref Men Elihabek – The Toraia Orchestra Of
Oriental Serenade – The Middle East Ensemble
Sauda Sauda (Dark Eyes) – Mohammed El-Bakkar &
Boring Lover – Rinda
The Land Of My Dark Lover – Saoud Hashem
Istanbul – The Middle East Ensemble
Ahsin – The Toraia Orchestra Of Algiers
Samrah Ya Samrah – The Derbecki Ensemble
Raks El Dabka (Double String Dance) – Mohammed
Virgin Rose – Rinda
Yam Safereen (You Travelers!) – Mohammed El-Bak
Dalamouni Habibi – The Toraia Orchestra Of Algi
I Don’T Care – Rinda
Beauty Mole – Hassan Abdul Nabi
At The Tigris – The Middle East Ensemble
Dari E Yeonir (See And Admire) – Mohammed El-Ba
Ah Ya Zein – The Lrc Orchestra With Towfiq Bash
Ana Ou Anti Ou Anti Ou Ana – The Toraia Orchest
2 × Cd, Compilation